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SonarCloud | Administering your SonarCloud | Managing your organization's subscription

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Managing your organization's subscription

This section explains SonarCloud's pricing model and how to manage your subscription plan.

Pricing model

The SonarCloud’s pricing model is subscription-based: each organization is assigned a subscription plan. Three different plans are available: free, paid, and Enterprise.

Free plan

If you want to analyze only public projects in your organization, you can use the free, open-source plan. This allows you to import and analyze an unlimited number of public projects in your organization. When using the free plan, your code and analysis results will be publicly accessible.

Anyone, including anonymous users, can view a free plan organization record. Non-members cannot see the organization’s list of members. 

Paid plan

Upgrading an organization to the paid plan allows you to import private repositories from your DevOps platform: a private repository becomes a private project in SonarCloud. This guarantees that your source code is kept private. 

Only members of a paid plan organization can view the organization record in SonarCloud.

The pricing of the paid plan is based on the number of Lines of Codes (LOC) of private projects.

Enterprise plan

Upgrading to the Enterprise plan allows you to benefit from the paid plan’s features and to the following features:

  • Enterprise-level hierarchy.
  • SSO authentication through SAML.
  • Management reporting: Portfolios, security reports, and project reports.
  • Organization-wide project configurations: long-lived branches name pattern definition, analysis scope adjustment, automatic analysis disabling.

The pricing of the Enterprise plan is based on the number of Lines of Codes (LOC) of private projects.

LOC-based pricing

With the paid plan, you choose the maximum total number of lines of code (LOC) allowed in the organization’s private projects. 

You cannot exceed your LOC threshold in SonarCloud. Once you are near your LOC limit, you will receive a notification informing you of this and advising you to upgrade your current subscription plan to a higher LOC limit or to reduce the number of LOC in your projects.

You can analyze the same code as often as you like. If you try to analyze more LOC than is allowed as part of your current subscription, SonarCloud will not perform the analysis and you will also receive an error message clearly explaining the reason for this.  

LOC calculation

Lines of code are calculated by adding up the LOCs of each project analyzed. The LOCs that are counted are those found on the largest branch of the project. If you have set up branch analysis, then the LOCs will be counted from the latest analysis of the project with the largest branch or PR.  This means that if your main branch, for whatever reason, does not contain any LOC, then the largest branch (or pull request) will be counted instead. 

For example:

  • If a project has 500 lines of code on its main branch and 400 on a secondary branch, then the number of LOCs counted for the project is 500.
  • If a project has 0 lines of code on its main branch (provisioned but never analyzed) and 200 on a secondary branch, then the number of LOCs counted is 200.

Typically, the simple formula for calculating the total number of lines of code (LOC) for the projects in your organization is by adding:

(P1 LOC) + (P2 LOC) + (P3 LOC) + (P4 LOC) = Total LOC

There are a number of exceptions that are not counted when calculating consumption on your LOC limit:

  • Test code
  • Files excluded from analysis  
  • Code in unsupported languages
  • Comments or blank lines
  • Code from public projects within your organization

For full details on pricing plans, see our product website

Billing model

In SonarCloud each paid or Enterprise plan organization is billed separately. You can be billed monthly or yearly. Payment information is always specific to a particular organization, it is not tied to the DevOps platform account that you signed in with.

Billing methods

You can use the following billing methods:

  • Monthly with credit card: You have to provide your credit card details and your credit card will be automatically charged every month: see below.
    This method is supported only for the paid plan.
  • Custom with coupon: You must contact our team to purchase a coupon, which is usually valid for one year.
    This method is supported for the paid and Enterprise plans.
Free trial

When you sign up for a monthly paid plan (with credit card payment), a 14-days free trial is offered. 

If you sing up with a coupon, a custom trial may be associated with the coupon.

Automatic renewal of monthly subscriptions

Paid plan subscriptions automatically renew every month by automatically charging your credit card.

If the renewal payment fails or you coupon expires

If your credit card is rejected multiple times or if your coupon expires, your private projects will be suspended. New analyses will no longer be possible on those projects but all your data will be preserved. The private projects will remain private, nothing will be deleted, and organization members will still be able to access all the data of these projects.

You can re-activate these projects simply by correcting your credit card problem and re-entering the credit card information (even if it is the same as your previous one), or entering a new coupon to trigger a new charge.

If you abandon your account by failing to renew or update payment information for a long period of time, your private projects will eventually be deleted. However, we will always attempt to reach out and warn you to remedy the situation before this happens.

Signing up for a paid or Enterprise plan

You sign up for a subscription plan at the level of the organization: see Pricing model above.

You may sign up for a paid plan:

To sign up for the Enterprise plan:

  • If your enterprise already exists and you want to add an organization to it, see Applying an Enterprise coupon to an organization below.
  • Otherwise, see Creating your enterprise.

Upgrading or downgrading an organization to/from the paid plan

You can upgrade your organization from the free plan to the paid plan (see Pricing model above), and downgrade it from the paid plan to the free plan. However, if you downgrade the organization, the private projects will be deleted.

To upgrade or downgrade an organization to/from the paid plan:

  1. Retrieve the organization.
  2. Select the Billing & Upgrade page.
  3. To upgrade from the free plan to the paid plan, select the Upgrade button.
  4. To downgrade from the paid plan to the free plan, select the Downgrade button.

Applying an Enterprise coupon to an organization

To be able to add an organization to your enterprise, an Enterprise coupon must first be applied to the organization. A coupon can be applied to a free plan or paid plan organization. 

To apply an Enterprise coupon to your organization:

  1. Select the LOC you need for your organization within the enterprise (see Pricing model > LOC-based pricing above). 
  2. Contact our team to purchase the corresponding Enterprise coupon (You will have to provide the organization key.). Our team may apply the coupon to your organization. If it's not the case, go to the next steps.
  3. Retrieve the organization.
  4. Select the Billing & Upgrade page.
  5. Enter and apply your coupon.

Downgrading an Enterprise plan organization

If you want to downgrade the whole enterprise: see Downgrading your enterprise

To downgrade your Enterprise plan organization to the paid plan, contact our team to purchase a paid plan coupon (If you want to switch to a monthly paid plan, you need to downgrade to the free plan first.)

Terminating a monthly subscription

A monthly paid plan subscription is automatically renewed. To terminate it, you can delete the organization or downgrade it (see Upgrading or downgrading an organization to/from the paid plan above) to the free plan (if you want to continue analyzing some public projects). Downgrading to the free plan deletes all private projects of the organization.

Updating your payment method

  1. Retrieve your organization.
  2. Open the Billing & Upgrade page. 
  3. In the Payment section, select Edit.

Getting invoices

You can download PDF invoices for every payment and you can get invoices by email.

To view and manage your invoices:

  1. Retrieve your organization.
  2. Open the Billing & Upgrade page. The invoices are displayed in the Payment history section.
  3. To receive invoices by email select the Send the monthly receipt to this email option.

Viewing the indirect taxes

Depending on where your business is located, you may be charged taxes in addition to your paid plan subscription fee. Tax rates are calculated based on the tax laws where you live. SonarCloud determines where you live based on the country, state/county, street number, and ZIP Code that you provided when you purchased your subscription. 

To view the details of what you’re being charged (indirect taxes), look at your invoices: see Getting invoices on this page.

Editing your billing information

  1. Retrieve the organization.
  2. Select the Billing & Upgrade tab.
  3. Select the Edit billing info button.

Checking your LOC consumption

If you are concerned that you might be close to the LOC limit defined in your subscription plan, you can check your current consumption as follows:

To view overall consumption to date for all projects in your organization:

  1. Retrieve the organization.
  2. Select the Billing & Upgrade tab. The dashboard shows details of the total LOC analyzed to date as well as the total number of projects.
  3. Click on the number of projects to view a breakdown of the number of lines of code contained in each project within your organization. 
SonarCloud lines of code distribution per project.

Changing the LOC threshold of your subscription

If you use a coupon as payment method, contact our team. Otherwise, proceed as follows:

  1. Retrieve the organization.
  2. Select the Billing & Upgrade page.
  3. In the Current plan section, select the Edit button.

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