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You have different options when choosing to subscribe to SonarCloud.  You can use a free, open-source plan for your organization or opt for a paid private subscription. 

Free plan

If you want to analyze only public projects in your organization, you can use the free, open-source plan. This allows you to import an unlimited number of public projects to your organization. When using the free plan, your code and analysis results will be publicly accessible at

Subscribing to a paid plan on SonarCloud allows you to import private projects from your DevOps platform and create private organizations in SonarCloud. This guarantees that your source code is kept private if that is what you need. You pay a monthly fee upfront for a maximum number of lines of code to be analyzed in each of your private organizations. You can try out a paid plan for 14 days free of charge. 

For more details, see Payment and Visibility

At the end of your free trial, you can continue to use to SonarCloud but your credit card will be charged for the plan you specified at the start of the trial. We also accept purchase orders and wire transfer payments for yearly subscriptions of 1M LOCs or more. In this case, reach out to us using the Contact us form.


In SonarCloud each paid organization is billed separately. Every time you add a new paid organization you must enter your payment details. Payment information is always specific to a particular organization, it is not tied to the DevOps platform account that you signed in with.

To learn how billing works see Pricing page.

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