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Each IDE extension of SonarLint has its own requirements to work properly with the most recent releases.


For SonarLint to work properly in the Eclipse IDE:

  • Eclipse Platform Requirement: the minimal version of the Eclipse platform that SonarLint supports. If you are not familiar with Eclipse versioning scheme, see here.
  • JVM requirement: SonarLint requires the minimal version of the JVM that is used to run Eclipse. The use of older versions is possible as long as it complies with your version of Eclipse.
  • Node.js requirement: only required for JavaScript, TypeScryypt, and CSS analysis.
  • SonarQube minimal requirement: only if using connected mode. Usually means that the next LTS is also supported.
SonarLint versionEclipse platform requirementJVM requirementNode.js requirementSonarQube min requirement (for Connected Mode)
6.x4.6+ (Neon+)1.8+
7.x4.8+ (photon+)11+
7.44.8+ (photon+)11+12.22+7.9+
7.6-8.14.8+ (photon+)11+

14.20+ (16+ or 18+ recommended)

9.0+4.8+ (photon+)17+18+ (20, the active LTS, is recommended)8.9

Language-specific requirements

The use of Connected Mode is required to analyze some languages. Please see the Rules page for more details.

C and C++ analysis

To analyze C and C++ code, SonarLint requires a C/C++ Development Tool (CDT). You can check the Eclipse Embedded CDT documentation for more details.


COBOL analysis requires a COBOL IDE based on the Eclipse platform such as the IBM IDz or BMC IDEs. Note that recent versions of SonarLint and our analyzers require a JRE 11+ in order to run, and IBM IDz only supports JRE 11 starting from version 16.

Java and JSP

Analysis of Java code requires the Eclipse sub-project Java development tools (JDT). This includes a Java compiler, incremental builder, editors, wizards, content assist, and all the other features of a first-class Java IDE.

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