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Knowing where to begin looking for information is the first step to reaching out for help. Many answers to commonly found problems can be found on the SonarLint channel of the Sonar Community Forum. See below for the basic steps to access the SonarLint logs when the analysis results are not what you expected.

How to get SonarLint logs

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Language-specific examples

C or C++ Analysis

Troubleshooting C or C++ Analysis

Starting with version 4.21, it is possible to create a reproducer file for C and C++ analysis. A reproducer file contains diagnostic information to help the developers at SonarSource investigate problems that occur during C or C++ analysis.

Note: Starting with version 4.27, a second reproducer file is created with additional debug information.

If you encounter a problem with C or C++ analysis, please contact us in the Sonar Community forum and include the reproducer file(s).

Creating a reproducer file for the Active Document

To create a reproducer:

  • open the C or C++ file that is not being analysed correctly
  • open Visual Studio's Command Window, found under View > Other Windows > Command Window.
  • type in the command window Analyze.SonarLint.CFamily.CreateReproducer:
Type in the Visual Studio command window to create your reproducer file for SonarLint.

You can then view the location of the created reproducer file(s) in the SonarLint Output pane:

Reproducer file in SonarLint 4.21-4.26 

Where you can find your Reproducer file in SonarLint for Visual Studio v4.21-v4.26.

Reproducer files in SonarLint 4.27 

Where you can find your Reproducer file in SonarLint for Visual Studio v4.27.


  • The reproducer file(s) are regenerated each time the command is invoked. Invoking the command will overwrite the previous reproducer file(s).
  • Running the reproducer will only produce the reproducer file(s). It will not report any issues for the active C or C++ file.

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