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SonarScanner for Ant

The SonarScanner for Ant provides a task to allow the integration of SonarQube analysis into an Apache Ant build script.

Moving from SonarScanner for Ant to SonarScanner

The SonarScanner for Ant is an Ant Task that is a wrapper of the SonarScanner CLI, which works by invoking the SonarScanner CLI and passing to it all properties named following a sonar.* convention. It is now deprecated. We recommend using the SonarScanner CLI directly.

If you’re still using the SonarScanner for Ant, follow these steps to remove the wrapper from your build file,  create a sonar-project.properties in your project, and run the analysis.


The SonarScanner CLI is installed on your machine.

Configuring your sonar properties

  1. Create a sonar-project.properties in your project.
  2. Move the sonar.* properties from your build.xml  file to the sonar-project.properties file. For example:

See SonarScanner CLI for more information on how to configure project properties.

Running the analysis

Create a Sonar authentication token and run the analysis using sonar-scanner -Dsonar.token=myAuthenticationToken.

Alternatively, instead of passing the token in your command line, you can create the SONAR_TOKEN environment variable and set the token as its value before you launch the analysis.

See SonarScanner CLI for more information.

[Archived] sample project

For comparison purposes, a sample SonarScanner for Ant project is available here: https://github.com/SonarSource/sonar-scanning-examples/tree/master/sonar-scanner-ant/ant-basic

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