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10.4 | Analyzing source code | Troubleshooting the analysis

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Troubleshooting the analysis

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See also the Troubleshooting section on the corresponding Scanner page.

Out of memory error

If your analysis errors out with java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: GC overhead limit exceeded then it means that your project is too large or too intricate for the scanner to analyze with the default memory allocation. To fix this you'll want to allocate a larger heap (using -Xmx[numeric value here]) to the process running the analysis. Some CI engines may give you an input to specify the necessary values, for instance if you're using a Maven Build Step in a Jenkins job to run analysis. Otherwise, use Java Options to set a higher value. Note that details of setting Java Options are omitted here because they vary depending on the environment.

PKIX path building failed

If your analysis errors out with PKIX path building failed then it means that your SonarQube server is configured with HTTPS and a self-signed SSL certificate (see Securing the server behind a proxy in Operating the server). However, the certificate is not correctly configured in the scanner machine’s JVM. This configuration is outside of SonarQube scope. The server certificate is unknown and could not be validated with the provided truststore. To solve the issue, you need to import the SonarQube server certificate to the Java truststore. See Oracle's documentation for more information.

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