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10.6 | Analyzing source code | Languages | C/C++/Objective-C | Analysis modes

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Analysis modes

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The analysis can operate in Automatic Configuration (AutoConfig) or Manual Configuration (Compilation Database) modes. 

AutoConfig is activated by default, while the Compilation Database can be activated by supplying a compile_commands.json to the SonarScanner.

The analyzer must understand the code's intended compilation options to ensure an accurate static analysis of the CFamily code. 

  • In Compilation Database mode, these options are provided to the analyzer through Compilation Database: a JSON file introduced by the LLVM project.
  • In AutoConfig mode, the analyzer attempts to deduce these options automatically. A set of high-level AutoConfig properties can tune the automatic deduction process. See the "AutoConfig-specific properties" section in Customizing the analysis.

Choosing the right analysis mode

AutoConfig mode is recommended if:

  • Your projects use compilers that don’t meet the supported compiler prerequisite of Compilation Database mode.
  • Your projects use compilation environments where generating a compilation database is not feasible (see Prerequisites).
  • You desire a swift analysis setup without the need to allocate human resources for the generation and maintenance of the Compilation Database.
  • Your projects have a low CFamily code percentage.

Compilation Database mode is recommended if:

  • You seek the highest CFamily analysis quality SonarQube can provide. Please note that in rare instances, AutoConfig may result in some issues being overlooked.
  • You want to have finer control over the analysis configuration. For example, if you want to analyze a specific build variant or several variants (see "Analyzing code variants" in Customizing the analysis).
  • You have projects with Objective-C code: Objective-C analysis is not supported in AutoConfig mode.

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