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10.6 | DevOps platform integration | GitHub integration | Introduction

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GitHub integration

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SonarQube's integration with GitHub Enterprise and allows you to maintain code quality and security in your GitHub repositories. 

With this integration, you'll be able to:

  • Authenticate with GitHub: Sign in to SonarQube with your GitHub credentials.
  • Import your GitHub repositories: Import your GitHub repositories into SonarQube to easily set up SonarQube projects.
  • Analyze projects with GitHub Actions: Integrate analysis into your build pipeline. Starting in Developer Edition, SonarScanners running in GitHub Actions jobs can automatically detect branches or pull requests being built so you don't need to specifically pass them as parameters to the scanner.
  • Report your quality gate status to your branches and pull requests (starting in Developer Edition): See your quality gate and code metric results right in GitHub so you know if it's safe to merge your changes.
  • Display code scanning alerts for vulnerability issues in GitHub: Display security issues found by SonarQube as code scanning alerts in the GitHub interface. 
  • Manage your monorepos: Import your monorepo into SonarQube to easily manage the related projects.

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