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10.6 | User guide | Clean Code | Code analysis based on Clean Code

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Code analysis based on Clean Code

The Sonar Solution is aimed at identifying any issue in your code that prevents it from being Clean Code. 

Each Clean Code attribute is evaluated, for a given language, based on a series of rules:

  • Each rule:
    • Is associated with the Clean Code attribute it evaluates.
    • Is associated with the software quality(ies) to which this Clean Code attribute contributes.
      A severity (high, medium, or low) is assigned to each associated software quality (security, reliability, or maintainability). It determines how much that software quality is impacted when the rule is broken.
  • When a rule is broken, an issue is raised. The issue affects one or more software qualities with a varying severity as inherited from the rule.

The figure below shows the Clean-Code-based analysis principles of the Sonar solution.

Check the Clean Code definition page for details about Clean Code attributes, and the Clean Code benefits page to better understand software qualities.

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