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8.9 | Analyzing source code | Branches | Branch FAQ

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Branch FAQ

Branch analysis is available starting in Developer Edition.

How long are branches retained?

Branches will be deleted automatically when they are inactive according to your settings at Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Housekeeping > Number of days before deleting inactive branches except for branches you have set to be kept when inactive. These branches are kept until you delete them manually at the project level at Project Settings > Branches and Pull Requests. See Branch analysis for more information on keeping inactive branches.

Does my project need to be stored in an SCM like Git or SVN?

No, you don't need to be connected to an SCM. However, SCM data still enhances the SonarQube experience (including issue auto-assignment and issue backdating), and you will be well prepared to take advantage of pull request analysis!

What if I mark an issue "Won't Fix" or "False-Positive" in a branch?

If you have configured the Reference Branch new code definition for a branch, issues in the reference branch automatically inherit their attributes from this original branch (including Won’t Fix and False Positive resolutions) after merge.

Can I manually delete a branch?

You can delete a branch in the Branches tab at Project Settings > Branches and Pull Requests.

Does the payload of the Webhook include branch information?

Yes, an extra node called branch is added to the payload.

When are Webhooks called?

When the computation of the background task is done for a given branch.

What is the impact on my LOCs consumption vs my license?

The LOC of your largest branch is counted toward your license limit. All other branches are ignored.

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