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Bitbucket Cloud

To allow users to log in with Bitbucket Cloud credentials, you need to use an OAuth consumer and set the authentication settings in SonarQube. See the following sections for more on setting up authentication.

Setting your OAuth consumer settings

Create your OAuth consumer in your Bitbucket Cloud workspace settings and specify the following:

  • Name: The name of your OAuth consumer.
  • Callback URL: Your SonarQube instance URL.
  • Permissions:
    • AccountRead and Email access.
    • Workspace membershipRead access.

Setting your authentication settings in SonarQube

To set your global authentication settings, navigate to Administration > Configuration > General Settings > Authentication > Bitbucket Cloud Authentication and update the following settings:

  • Enabled: Set to true.
  • OAuth consumer key: Enter the Key from your OAuth consumer page in Bitbucket.
  • OAuth consumer secret: Enter the Secret from your OAuth consumer page in Bitbucket.
  • Workspaces: Only users from Bitbucket Workspaces that you add here will be able to authenticate in SonarQube. This is optional but highly recommended to ensure only the users you want to log in with Bitbucket credentials are able to.

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