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SonarCloud | Managing portfolios

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Managing portfolios

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Portfolios are available in the Enterprise plan.

Portfolios home page

The portfolio home page is the central place for managers and tech leads to monitor the releasability of the projects under their supervision. Releasability is based on the portfolio's projects' quality gates. Each portfolio home page offers an aggregate view of the releasability status of all projects in the portfolio.

Releasability rating

The releasability rating is the ratio of projects in the portfolio that have a passed quality gate:

A: > 80%
B: > 60%
C: > 40%
D: > 20%
E: <= 20%

Reliability, security vulnerabilities, security review, and maintainability ratings

The reliability, security vulnerabilities, security review, and maintainability ratings for a portfolio are calculated as the average of the ratings for all projects included in the portfolio.

SonarCloud converts each project's letter rating to a number (see conversion table below), calculates an average number for the projects in the portfolio, and converts that average to a letter rating. Averages ending with .5 are rounded up, resulting in the "lower" of the two possible ratings, so an average of 2.5 would be rounded up to 3 and result in a "C" rating).

This gives a "problem density" measure for your portfolio's four axes: reliability, security vulnerabilities, security review, and maintainability.

Rating conversion:

E: 5
D: 4
C: 3
B: 2
A: 1


Creating portfolios

Users with the Create Portfolios permission can create portfolios by clicking the Create Portfolio button in the upper-right corner of the My Portfolios homepage or at the Enterprise level in the Portfolios view.

Create Portfolios permission – This permission can be granted to users at the enterprise level at Administration > Permissions.

Editing portfolios

On the homepage for a specific portfolio, users with the Edit Portfolios permission can edit the portfolio by clicking on Settings.  

  • Settings > Portfolio Definition  You can edit the name, description, and projects for the portfolio.
  • Settings > Permissions –  You can change which users can administer, edit or view portfolios.
  • Settings > Delete Portfolio – You can delete this portfolio.

Viewing portfolios

Users with the View Portfolios permission can view portfolios. 

Populating portfolios

After you've created a portfolio, you can populate it with projects.

To add projects to a portfolio, navigate to the portfolio you want to add a project to. Select Settings > Portfolio Definition. This allows you to manually add any project you have view access to. 

By default, adding a project to a portfolio shows the analysis of the project's main branch. 


By default, portfolios are queued to be recalculated after each analysis of an included project. 

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