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SonarQube extension for Azure DevOps

The SonarQube Extension for Azure DevOps makes it easy to integrate analysis into your build pipeline. The extension allows the analysis of all languages supported by SonarQube.


The SonarQube extension for Azure DevOps 5.x is compatible with:

  • Azure DevOps Server 2019 (including Express editions)
  • Azure DevOps Server 2020 (including Express editions)
  • Azure DevOps Server 2022
  • Azure DevOps Services

The SonarQube extension for Azure DevOps 4.x is compatible with:

  • TFS 2017 Update 2+ (including Express editions)
  • TFS 2018 (including Express editions)


For information on setting up analysis with the SonarQube Extension for Azure DevOps, see the Azure DevOps DevOps Platform integration page.

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