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10.6 | Analyzing source code | Incremental analysis | Disabling or changing the mechanisms

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Disabling or changing the incremental analysis mechanisms

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In very particular cases, you may need to disable or change the incremental analysis mechanisms.

Disabling the Skip unchanged files mechanism

You can disable the Skip unchanged files mechanism used by the Kotlin and Java analyzers by setting the sonar.koltin.skipUnchanged or the to false

Disabling the analysis cache mechanism

In particular cases, you may need to disable the analysis cache mechanism.

The analysis cache mechanism is enabled by default. If you disable it, the analyzer will analyze all files from scratch.

To disable the analysis cache mechanism, add the following parameter to your analysis (See Analysis parameters for information about the setup of analysis parameters for the scanner.):


Using the local filesystem for analysis caching

With the C/C++/Objective-C analyzer, you can configure the filesystem cache instead of using the analysis cache on the server.

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