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10.6 | Server installation and setup | Install the server | Installing the database

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Installing the SonarQube database

Several external database engines are supported. Check the respective requirements.

Create an empty schema and a sonarqube user. Grant this sonarqube user permissions to createupdate, and delete objects for this schema. 

Microsoft SQL Server

MS SQL database's shared lock strategy may impact SonarQube runtime. Making sure that is_read_committed_snapshot_on is set to true to prevent SonarQube from facing potential deadlocks under heavy loads.

Example of query to check is_read_committed_snapshot_on:

SELECT is_read_committed_snapshot_on FROM sys.databases WHERE name='YourSonarQubeDatabase';

Example of query to update is_read_committed_snapshot_on:



If your Microsoft SQL Server doesn't support encryption, you must add encrypt=false to the JDBC URL connection string.

If your Microsoft SQL Server requires encryption but you don't want SonarQube to validate the certificate, you must add trustServerCertificate=true to the JDBC URL connection string.

Integrated security

To use integrated security:

  1. Download the Microsoft SQL JDBC Auth 12.6.1 package and copy mssql-jdbc_auth-12.6.1.x64.dll to a folder location set in the PATH environment variable on the SonarQube server host.
  2. If you're running SonarQube as a Windows service, make sure the Windows account under which the service is running has permission to connect your SQL server. 
  3. Ensure that sonar.jdbc.username or sonar.jdbc.password properties are commented out or SonarQube will use SQL authentication.

SQL authentication

To use SQL authentication, use the following connection string. Also, ensure that sonar.jdbc.username and sonar.jdbc.password are set appropriately:


If there are two SonarQube schemas on the same Oracle instance, especially if they are for two different versions, SonarQube gets confused and picks the first it finds. To avoid this issue:

  • Either privileges associated to the SonarQube Oracle user should be decreased.
  • Or a trigger should be defined on the Oracle side to automatically alter the SonarQube Oracle user session when establishing a new connection: ALTER SESSION SET current_schema="MY_SONARQUBE_SCHEMA".
  • Must be configured to use UTF-8 charset.
  • If you want to use a custom schema and not the default "public" one, the PostgreSQL search_path property must be set:
ALTER USER mySonarUser SET search_path to mySonarQubeSchema

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