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10.6 | User guide | Monitoring code metrics | Introduction

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Introduction to the code metrics monitoring

The language analyzers calculate the different code metrics that will be used to evaluate the code quality:

  • Code metrics are used in rules to raise issues, for example, when a certain level of complexity is reached for a function in the code.
  • Code metrics are used in the quality gate definition. For example, you can set a condition on the total number of raised issues in the code.

You can use different tools in the SonarQube UI to monitor and compare the code metrics of your project or portfolio. You can also retrieve the metric values through the SonarQube Web API in case you’re using an external monitoring system.

Metrics definition

Monitoring the code metrics of your project

Monitoring the code metrics of your portfolio

Monitoring the code metrics through the Web API

Modifying the technical-debt-related parameters

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