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Activity and history

The Activity page offers you the ability to see the evolution of project measures over time. 

Go to Projects > Your Project > Activity to view a comprehensive list of the analyses on a file for a project (subject to Housekeeping). Graphs on the Activity page help you understand the evolution of up to three measures of your choice against each other. Graph mouseovers show the measure values and events associated with particular analyses.


There are four types of events:

  • Quality Gate: The status of the quality gate has changed.
  • Profile: The quality profile used to analyze the project has changed. Either the profile was edited, or a different profile was used to analyze the project.
  • Version: The project's version changed.
  • Other: An event was manually created on a snapshot. See Managing history for more information. 

Events are also shown on the front of the Project Homepage. See the documentation on the Project page for more details.

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