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Organization's project concept

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A project in SonarCloud represents a repository of a DevOps platform organization. 

The project's visibility may be:

  • Public: anyone, including anonymous users, can view public projects.
  • Or private: only authorized users, who are organization members, can view a private project. A private project cannot be part of a free plan organization. 

A project is created by importing the corresponding repository from the DevOps platform: it is bound to the repository. (It's also possible to create projects manually, but they won't benefit from the same features.) A bound project inherits its visibility from its corresponding repository. However, you can change it if the organization is not on a free subscription plan.

You can grant SonarCloud users analysis-related permissions on the projects of the organization(s) they are members of. You can manage permissions through the user group function.

The figure below shows SonarCloud projects that were created by importing the repositories from a DevOps platform’s organization. In this example, the SonarCloud organization is assigned a paid subscription plan and thus, can contain private projects. 

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