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SonarCloud | Getting started | Signing up for SonarCloud

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Signing up for SonarCloud

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To sign up for SonarCloud you have to choose which DevOps platform you want to connect to, or, with the Enterprise subscription plan, you may use single sign-on (SSO). 

Signing up using your DevOps platform account

Choose your DevOps platform and enter your existing credentials on that service.

If it’s your first login into SonarCloud, then your SonarCloud account is created and bound to your account on the DevOps platform. The supported DevOps platforms are:

At this point, you can import organizations from your DevOps platform to SonarCloud and then import repositories from those organizations. Each imported organization becomes a SonarCloud organization and each imported repository becomes a SonarCloud project. 

Once you import a project, it appears in your My Projects list.

Signing up using single sign-on (SSO)

With the Enterprise plan, if SSO is supported in SonarCloud for your enterprise, you can sign up for SonarCloud with SSO. In most cases, your administrator has shared an SSO link with you. If not, you can log in from the main login page, but you need to know your enterprise key.

Signing up with the SSO login link
  1. Select the SSO login link sent to you by your administrator. The Log in with SSO dialog opens and your organization key is prefilled in the dialog (the key that identifies your organization in SonarCloud). 
  2. Bookmark the link for future logins.
  3. Select the Log in button. 
Signing up from the main login page

To sign up from the main login page, you need to know the key that identifies your enterprise in SonarCloud.

To sign up from the main login page of SonarCloud:

  1. Enter in your web browser. The Login page is displayed.
  2. Select the Log in with SSO button. The Log in with SSO dialog is displayed 
  3. Enter your enterprise key and select the Log in button. 

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