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Offline installation

Typically, offline installations start with a download of SonarLint from your IDE's Marketplace.

The Eclipse marketplace does not host SonarLint and all versions are available on the Eclipse binaries page.


Using the Eclipse Install New Software wizard

If you can't perform an online installation, you can use a SonarLint repository archive.

1. Manually download the latest archive (.zip) of the SonarLint repository from

2. Open Install New Software...

Go to the Eclipse File Menu > Help > Install New Software... to get the SonarLint offline installation process started.

3. Select Add... to add a new repository. Then select Archive... and navigate to the zip file you have downloaded. Give the repository a meaningful name.

Select Add... to bring up an installation wizard to start the offline installation of SonarLint for Eclipse.
Add the location of your .zip file holding your version of SonarLint for Eclipse.

4. With the recently added repository highlighted, select the SonarLint for Eclipse feature

Select the SonarLint for Eclipse feature to install.

5. Review the features about to be installed, and select Finish to complete the installation

Confirm the SonarLint for Eclipse features you choose in the earlier dialog box, and click Finish to start the process.

6. When requested, restart your IDE

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