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10.6 | Server installation and setup | Upgrade the server | Performing the post-upgrade steps

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Performing the post-upgrade steps

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Post-upgrade checklist

Here's a list of steps to perform after the upgrade: 

  • Verify the version of the Sonar scanner.
  • For an Oracle database: clean up the database.
  • For a PostgreSQL database: clean up the database.
  • For a Microsoft SQL database with Windows authentication: verify the JDBC driver version.
  • If using an external configuration to control SonarQube Server (through a script or running as a service): update the service to point to the new installation directory.
  • If SonarQube is running as a service on Linux with SystemD, then you must configure SonarQube to run as a service by updating the sonarqube.service file.
  • If you are using the Web API, check at some point the usage of deprecated Web API endpoints and parameters: see Deprecated Web API endpoints and parameters.

See the sections below for more details on each step.

Verifying the installed Sonar scanner version on the scanner host

When upgrading SonarQube, you should also make sure you’re using the latest versions of the SonarQube scanners to take advantage of features and fixes on the scanner side. Please check the documentation pages of the scanners you use for the most recent version compatible with SonarQube and your build tools.

Cleaning up the Oracle database

On Oracle, the database columns to be dropped are now marked as UNUSED and are not physically dropped anymore. To reclaim disk space, Oracle administrators must drop these unused columns manually. The SQL request is ALTER TABLE foo DROP UNUSED COLUMNS. The relevant tables are listed in the system table all_unused_col_tabs.

Cleaning up the PostgreSQL database

You can fix the table and index bloating by performing vacuuming in order to reclaim unused disk space. In some specific cases, a reindex is required afterward.

Verifying the Microsoft SQL JDBC driver version

If you use Microsoft SQL Server with Windows Authentication, make sure that you're using a supported version of the Microsoft SQL JDBC Driver package. The minimum supported version is the one mentioned on the Installing the database page.

Updating a service to point to the new installation directory

If you use an external configuration, such as a script or Windows Service to control your server, you'll need to update it to point to the new value of installation directory (<newSonarQubeHome>).

For Linux it depends how you implemented the service.

For Windows, update your service by running the following commands:

sc delete SonarQube
<newSonarQubeHome>\bin\windows-x86-64\SonarService.bat install

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