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As a SonarQube user, you have your own space where you can see the things that are relevant to you.


It gives you a summary of your:

  • Login
  • Groups
  • SCM accounts


If your instance is not using a 3rd party authentication mechanism such as LDAP or an OAuth provider (GitHub, Google Account, ...), you can change your password from here. Additionally, you can also manage your own authentication tokens.

You can create as many Tokens as you want. Once a Token is created, you can use it to perform analysis on a project where you have Execute Analysis permission.


Email notifications are managed here. It is possible to define your Overall notifications, settings applied to all projects. By default, email notifications are turned off.

To add Notifications per project, select Add a Project and Search a project by name in the search menu. Two additional notification option types, especially applicable to team projects, are available on the per-project level:

  • Issues resolved as false positive or won't fix
  • New issues 


See My Account > Projects for a list of projects you are administering. You can select a project from here for full access.

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