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SonarCloud | Administering your SonarCloud | Managing the organization members

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Managing the organization members and permissions

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If your users are onboarded through GitHub, the organization member synchronization between GitHub and SonarCloud is automatic. If your enterprise users are onboarded with your identity provider, an automatic group synchronization applies. Otherwise, you must add members manually.

To manage the organization members you must be an organization admin. 

Adding/removing members to/from an organization

You can add users to an organization who have already signed up with SonarCloud.

To add or remove a member to/from an organization:

  1. Retrieve the organization.
  2. Go to Members.
  3. To add a member:
    • Select the Add a member button. The Add member dialog opens.
    • Enter the exact email address of the member.
    • Select Add member.
  4. To remove a member, select the three-dot menu to the far right of the member's name.
  5. In the menu, select Remove from orgranization’s members. The Remove user dialog opens.
  6. Confirm the deletion.

Transferring ownership of an organization

As the administrator, there may be cases where you wish to transfer ownership of an organization. For example, if you are leaving a team or company, you can simply grant the Administer Organization permission to another member: see below.

Setting the organization-related permissions

It’s recommended to manage the permissions through the user groups. This section explains how to manage the permissions related to an organization. To manage the permissions set by default to new projects, see Managing the project-related permissions through templates.

Permissions related to an organization
Permission TypeDescription
Execute analysisCan start an analysis on every project in the organization. This includes the ability to get all settings required to perform an analysis (including secured settings like passwords) and to push analysis results to the SonarCloud server.
Administer Quality GatesCan create and update quality gates that can be applied to the organization’s projects.
Administer Quality ProfilesCan create and update quality profiles that can be applied to the organization’s projects.
Create ProjectsCan create new projects in the organization.
Administer OrganizationHas full control over the organization.
Setting the permissions of the groups and users

To set the organization-related permissions of the groups and users:

  1. Retrieve the organization.
  2. Go to Administration > Permissions. The Permissions page opens.
  3. In the permissions grid, select a check box to grant the corresponding permission.

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