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Subscribing to a paid plan on SonarCloud allows you to create an organization containing private projects. The organization can have any number of private projects as long as the total number of lines of code (LOC) does not exceed the limit for your specific subscription tier. Payment is made in advance for a given number of lines of code. For details, see the pricing page of the SonarCloud website.

How is the number of lines of code calculated?

Within your subscription's organization, a line in a file is counted toward the LOC limit only if:

  • The file is in a private repository
  • The file is not excluded from analysis (see Analysis Scope)
  • The line is not a comment or a blank line
  • The line is code in a supported language

In short, only code in private projects that is actually analyzed counts toward the LOC limit determined by your subscription plan. You cannot use up your LOC limit by analyzing the same code repeatedly. 

Can I still have free public repositories in my private organization?

Yes. The organization tied to your subscription can contain an unlimited number of public repositories with no size limit, just like in a free public organization. The LOC calculation does not apply to code in public repositories.

What happens if I analyze more lines of code than allowed by my subscription?

If you get close to the threshold (of private LOCs) you will be notified to either upgrade your plan or reduce the number of LOCs in your projects by defining file exclusions within the scope of your Automatic Analysis Configuration.

If you do attempt to analyze more private LOCs than you are allowed to, SonarCloud will reject the analysis with a clear error message.

How do I sign up for a paid plan?

When you set up your organization you will be asked to choose between a free or paid plan. You simply choose your desired LOC level, enter your credit card details and start analyzing!

How do I make changes to a paid plan?

You can activate, cancel, upgrade or downgrade a plan by going to Your Organization > Billing & Upgrade on your organization overview page.

What happens when I cancel my paid plan?

If you purposely downgrade from a paid plan to an unpaid plan your private projects will be immediately deleted.

What happens when my subscription ends?

Subscriptions automatically renew every month by automatically charging your credit card. If your credit card is rejected multiple times then your private projects will be suspended. New analyses will no longer be possible on those projects but all your data will be preserved. The private projects will remain private, nothing will be deleted, and organization members will still be able access all the data of these projects.

You can re-activate your these projects simply by correcting your credit card problem and re-entering the credit card information (even if it is the same as your previous one) to trigger a new charge.

If you abandon your account by failing to renew or update credit card information for a long period of time, your private projects will eventually be deleted. However, we will always attempt to reach out and warn you to remedy the situation before this happens.

How do I get invoices?

You can download PDF invoices for every payment from the Your Organization > Billing & Upgrade > Payment history page of your organization.

If you want to get invoices by email, go to Your Organization > Billing & Upgrade > Payment history and select Send the monthly receipt to this email.

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