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Payment and visibility

For each organization that you import into SonarCloud, you must choose either a free plan or a paid plan. If you want to analyze only public projects in that organization, then you should choose the free plan. If there are one or more private projects in that organization that you want to analyze, then you must choose a paid plan.

Free plan

If an organization is on a free plan, you can analyze any number of public projects from that organization. Any private projects in that organization will not be importable.

In a free organization anyone, including anonymous and unauthorized users, can access the organization view and the following subpages:

  • Projects
  • Issues
  • Quality profiles
  • Quality gates
  • Rules

The following subpages are restricted:

  • Members page: Restricted to members of the organization only.
  • Administration pages: Restricted to administrators of the organization only.

Since the projects in a free organization are public, it is assumed that open accessibility of source code is expected. However, as a precaution, anonymous and unauthorized users are prevented from easily downloading source code via API and web views.

If an organization is on a paid plan, you can analyze any number of public projects from that organization as well as any number of private projects, as long as the total number of lines of code in those private projects does not exceed the tier of the plan. See Pricing.

If an organization is on a paid plan then, by default, you need to be a member of the organization to see:

  • Projects
  • Issues
  • Quality Profiles
  • Quality Gates
  • Rules
  • Members

The administration pages are also restricted to administrators of the organization.

Access to source code (via API and web view) in private projects is restricted in SonarCloud to organization members, as you would expect.

Additionally, the existence of a private project is never visible to anonymous or unauthorized users: attempts by such users to enumerate projects via API always result in a "not found" error, regardless of whether the project exists (but is unauthorized) or does not exist.

No private projects in free organizations

If you sign up for a free plan only the projects designated as public on the repository platform can be imported into SonarCloud. To import private projects you must sign up for a paid plan.

Public projects in paid organizations

If you are on a paid plan organization but want to make a project public (for instance because you are developing an open-source library), you can make the change in the Your organization > Administration > Permissions settings page.

Once done, you will notice the "Public" badge on the project.

As a result, the following pages will become visible to any user:

  • Projects (showing only the public projects)
  • Issues (showing only issues from the public projects)
  • Rules (showing only rules from the public projects)

Quality profiles and quality gates pages will remain restricted to members-only since you may not want to reveal certain information used by your private projects.

As with public project in free organizations, anonymous and unauthorized users are prevented from easily downloading source code via API and web views.


In SonarCloud each paid organization is billed separately. Every time you add a new paid organization you must enter your payment details. Payment information is always specific to a particular organization, it is not tied to the repository platform account that you signed in with.

For details on how billing works see Pricing.

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