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Offline installation

Typically, offline installations start with a download of SonarLint from your IDE's Marketplace.

Please check the VS Code Marketplace > Version  History page to download the most recent versions.

If you don't have access to your IDE's Marketplace, you can find the SonarLint for VS Code VSIX release files here.


To install SonarLint offline, you need to first get access to SonarLint's VSIX file from either the Marketplace or the release files as described above.

You can download official versions on the Marketplace, or sometimes an ad-hoc version can be built mainly for debugging purposes when a user reports a bug on the Sonar Community forum.

To install the extension, use the dedicated command Extensions: Install from VSIX... in the Visual Studio Code palette. Select the VSIX file from the explorer and install it.

Go so the VS Code command prompt to Install SonarLint from a VSIX.

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