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SonarCloud | Administering your SonarCloud | Advanced administration

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Advanced administration of your organization

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Managing your IP whitelist

SonarCloud currently allows the following static IP addresses for outgoing calls to supported DevOps platforms (GitHub, GitLab, Azure DevOps Services, and BitBucket Cloud):


IP filtering is not supported for any other use case.

Managing your domain whitelist

If you can't access SonarCloud on your network and your pipeline is hosted within an organization that is secured with a firewall or proxy server, you must add certain IP addresses and domain URLs to the allowlist. To update this, you need to add an outbound rule to your firewall.

Ensure the following domain URLs are allowed for SonarCloud:

  • & *, which would cover used for web sockets
  • for the latest news on SonarCloud
  • (if logged out, users are redirected here)
  • to view the product documentation. In addition, * would provide access to additional content sometimes referenced in the docs.

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