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SAML SSO user accounts

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With the enterprise plan, you can transition your enterprise to Single Sign On (SSO) with any identity provider (IdP) that supports SAML. With SSO you benefit from:

  • Increased security and a single source of truth for user authentication.
  • Automatic management of user groups.

SAML SSO is set up for a given enterprise. At SSO login time, users select the enterprise they want to access.

Just-In-Time provisioning

When a user signs up with SonarCloud with SSO for the first time, their SAML SSO user account is automatically created in SonarCloud.

Automatic group synchronization

Groups are used in SonarCloud to manage the user permissions.

With the automatic group synchronization:

  • A SAML SSO user in SonarCloud is automatically added to an organization's group within the enterprise if the user is a member of a group with the same name in the IdP. (The check is case-sensitive and excludes the organization’s default Members group.)
  • The SAML SSO users added to a SonarCloud user group become members of the respective organization.


In a SAML-SSO-enabled enterprise:

  • For data protection reasons, Enterprise-managed users cannot be added to organizations outside of the enterprise. 
  • The GitHub member synchronization is disabled on any organization of the enterprise.
  • Currently, a SAML SSO user cannot bind a SonarCloud organization to its corresponding DevOps platform (DOP) organization. (They must use their DOP account to perform the binding.)

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