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Binding with the DevOps platform

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Through the integration of SonarCloud with your DevOps platform (GitHub, Bitbucket Cloud, GitLab, or Azure DevOps), your organizations and projects in SonarCloud are bound to their respective organization or repository on the DevOps platform.

The following applies:

  • The binding is performed automatically by importing the DevOps organization and its repositories into SonarCloud. Note that you cannot import repositories into SonarCloud if the respective DevOps organization has not been imported into SonarCloud.
  • If you create organizations or projects manually (i.e., without importing the DevOps organizations or projects), they are not bound with any peers on the DevOps platform. Manual organizations and projects are like empty containers identified solely by their keys, which you choose when you create them. They are only linked to your code by you explicitly setting the analysis parameters sonar.projectKey and sonar.organization to those keys in your CI-based analysis setup (Automatic analysis is not supported for manual projects).

 The binding presents many advantages as described below. 

Advantages of bound organizations

The advantages of bound SonarCloud organizations over unbound ones are:

  • Bound organizations enable the easy selection and import of projects into SonarCloud (as mentioned above).
  • Bound organizations support automatic member synchronization (This feature is only supported with GitHub.).
  • Importing a project via a bound organization is the only way to create a bound project, and bound projects have their own set of advantages (see below).

Advantages of bound projects

The advantages of bound SonarCloud projects over unbound ones are:

  • Automatic analysis is only available for bound projects (This feature is only supported with GitHub.).
  • The pull request decoration is automatically configured on bound projects if your CI tool is integrated with SonarCloud.
  • Upon import, bound projects on the SonarCloud side automatically adopt the privacy setting of their DevOps platform peer. Projects that are private on the DevOps platform remain private on SonarCloud. With manually created projects, you must make sure to explicitly set the privacy status of your SonarCloud project. This opens up the possibility of inadvertently exposing the code of a private project to the public through SonarCloud.

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