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SonarCloud | Administering your SonarCloud | Setting configurations at organization level | Adjusting analysis scope | Introduction

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Adjusting the analysis scope at the organization level

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This feature is only available in an Enterprise plan organization.

The project team sets the analysis baseline of their project and, if necessary, adjust the analysis scope. As an organization admin, you can define in the UI an analysis scope adjustment at the organization level. These settings can be overridden at the project level in the UI or through analysis parameters set on the CI/CD host. Note that project-level settings can be reset back to the organization-level settings.

To adjust the analysis scope at the organization level, you can:

  • Exclude specific files from:
    • The duplication check
    • The code coverage analysis
  • Exclude files based on path-matching patterns to apply to the project’s analysis baseline.

In very few situations, you may have to use the advanced exclusion features.

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